Accounting Services

At Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C. we understand the challenge small business owners face balancing growing their business while managing a multitude of accounting responsibilities. Our Outsourced Accounting Services are customized to your needs allowing you to relinquish your everyday accounting stresses to us. As your trusted advisors, we give you the ability to focus on the needs of your customers by managing your accounting functions. Get back to business with peace of mind.


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Instituting the Outsourced Accounting system is a simple process and can be easily executed for the immediate needs of your business. Give us a call, and let Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C. handle your daily financial demands.


As a Next Generation Accounting Firm, we provide our clients with an advanced technological platform to manage their financial needs in real-time. Using our personalized portal is simple, and can be accessed via our Client Center.


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