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We are a team of trusted financial advisors located in Richmond, Virginia. With over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the financial industry, we are confident in our ability to provide guidance and innovative solutions to help our clients conquer their financial goals. If you’re looking for a local firm dedicated to your financial needs, look no further than Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C.

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About Our Firm

Over four decades ago, Tim Harris and Bill Hardy branched out from the Big 4 Accounting Firms to create a financial practice focused on providing quality accounting services to the local community. Soon after, Frank Johnstone joined the firm establishing Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C. In subsequent years Frank Warren, George Crowell, Lee Chaney, and Barclay Bradshaw joined the firm.

Our commitment to our clients is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We are devoted to not only becoming your team of trusted financial advisors but continuing that role throughout your partnership with us. Providing unparalleled service to help you achieve peace of mind is what we do.

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